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Sustainable Communities

Montana communities increasingly seek alternatives to buying energy from Saudi Arabia and vegetables from Mexico. Community-based agriculture and renewable energy projects are booming across Montana. Conservationists also help Montana cities, towns and counties to plan for their future and reduce haphazard rural sprawl that increases wildfire danger, fragments wildlife habitat, and costs taxpayers more to provide basic public services. Land trusts work with ranchers and farmers to make sure agriculture remains viable.

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Legacies and Projects: New Projects and Visions  |   Contributor: Kassia Randzio
Chuck Blixrud is a wilderness stoic, a humble man more comfortable in the saddle than among a crowd of strangers. But his determined passion to protect the Rocky Mountain Front...
Partners in Conservation: School or University Program | Contributor: Jan Witt
A greenhouse of hope in Hamilton aims to grow not only plants but a future of opportunity for special needs students at the local high school. This project is for our students...
Partners in Conservation: Collaborative Partnership | Contributor: Amy Cilimburg
For the last few years, Missoulians from various sectors have been working on local climate action planning. We’ve been meeting, brainstorming, sponsoring events, and...
Partners in Conservation: Non-Profit Group | Contributor: Caroline Wallace
In the summer of 1974, a small group of eastern Montanans sat on a porch discussing the North Central Power Study. This study by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation proposed 42 coal...
Personal Stories: Family Story | Contributor: Steve Charter
“My main assets are grass and water and my neighbors,” says Irv Alderson describing the Tongue River Valley ranch that has been in his family for generations. Two...
Personal Stories: Individual Story | Contributor: Caroline Wallace
Anna Jones-Crabtree has won awards as a steward of public lands, but it wasn't until 2009 that she and her husband Doug decided to become farmers as well.  Together, Anna...
Partners in Conservation: Collaborative Partnership | Contributor: Kalena Gravina
As a San Francisco native, I swore to one day explore a life without parallel parking and devastating rent costs. The decision to fulfill a life-long unexplained calling in...
Personal Stories: Individual Story | Contributor: Steve Charter
The sulfur-dioxide-laden plume of air pollution from the nearby refinery was at ground level when Eileen Morris and her friend Nettie Lees drove through it. Nettie immediately...
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