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Kristen Walser

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If you're not going to the Forward on Climate Rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, February 17, join us in Bozeman instead!  The Forward on Climate Rally Bozeman is open to all families, students, friends and strangers. We're all in this together, so let's have some fun along the way!

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Global Emissions 2012

We're meeting at the Bozeman Public Library, 1-3 p.m., to ask President Obama for more action - to walk the talk - on climate change. As we work on the long-term solution, the first step is to keep the biggest sources of pollution in the ground: Tar sands and coal.

We urge President Obama to take away the key to the tar sands oil, the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Join our Forward on Climate Bozeman Rally

Sunday February 17, 2013         1 to 3pm at Bozeman Public Library

1 – 1:30pm outside on the lawn of the library with featured Speaker: Kristi Chester-Vance from Forest Ethics, on Canadian tar sands and the Keystone pipline

1:30 – 3pm inside in the library’s large community room for live feed to the speakers at the DC rally, plus camaraderie, refreshment, and information on what you can do!

If the Keystone XL Pipeline gets built, tar sands oil will travel through Montana, to Texas, on its way to export.[1] Developing counties produce 60% of global emissions (in part for making goods for us), with China’s CO2 emissions already overtakng ours (US 16%, China 28%)[2]. With the world’s dependence on fossil fuel, we are poised to bust through the ‘safe’ amount of CO2e in the atmosphere in 15 years[3].  Globally, we need to reduce, not keep increasing, our global CO2e in the next 2 years to keep that from happening[2]. Contacting DEQ and our legislators in Helena on coal mining is one way to do that. See below.

Keep a lock on the tars sands undeveloped Montana coal deposits to help open the door to more investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Come learn what you can do!

For tabling, cosponsor, and volunteer opportunities and questions, call Kristen, 406 551-0388, go to, the Bozeman Climate Alliance calendar, or facebook event page:


Montana Environmental Information Center

 Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund

Northern Plains Resource Council

Bozeman Climate Alliance


Sierra Club

Montana Women For

Coal Export Action

MT Audubon

National Wildlife Federation


Did you know?

                Tar sands oil starts out like tar. It has to get heated underground with super hot water and chemicals to get it out of the ground. It wastes a lot of energy (and clean water) to get energy.


                Life cycle emissions from tar sands are 3.2 to 4.5 times greater than conventional oil.[4]


                Tar sands oil still has some sand in it, plus chemicals added to thin it, making it highly   corrosive to pipes. The Environmental Impact Statement acknowledges that leaks will happen.


                Demand for tar sands oil is in part due to its liquid form- it can be a transportation fuel, used in cars, planes (Koch tar sands oil supplies the Minneapolis airport), etc., unlike coal.


                PETCOKE (petroleum-coke) is a by-product of tar sands processing. 60% of Petcoke was exported in 2011, and can be burned in coal fired plants, emitting 5 -10%  more CO2than coal.[4]

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Date of Event:
February 17, 2013


Bozeman Public Library

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Contact Information

Kristen Walser

Forward on Climate Rally Bozeman

Phone: 406 551-0388

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