We inherit Montana’s spectacular natural legacy not by accident, but thanks to the dedication of those who came before us. Today, a new generation is working to sustain Montana’s rural character and the clean water, abundant wildlife, unspoiled public lands, recreational access, and wide-open spaces that define our shared heritage. The Cinnabar Foundation, Montana's Conservation Fund, has created this website to share these stories.

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Volunteers with the Montana Conservation Corps work on the Whitefish Trail as part of a lands conservation project
Farmers Market
Flathead Valley residents rally to take action on climate change
Students at Townsend Middle School help assemble the school's renewable energy project
A University of Montana student evaluates the health of the North Fork Flathead River
Riders on the range along the Rocky Mountain Front near Dupuyer Creek
Kerrie Byrne and Gary Sloan stroll through the Ross Creek Cedars in the Cabinet Mountains. A former cedar logger, Gary spurred the Forest Service  to protect the ancient grove more than 50 years ago
The historic wooden boat, Little Chief, plies the waters of St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park

Explore ConserveMontana.org to discover hundreds of  conservation stories about Montanans working with their neighbors to protect our shared values for future generations. Stories range from a ranching family working to preserve their agricultural heritage along the Tongue River in southeastern Montana to a community of wilderness advocates and loggers in northwestern Montana's Yaak Valley who have teamed up to create innovative solutions on national forests.

How to navigate this website

ConserveMontana.org provides many ways to navigate this site:

  • Click on the Conservation Atlas to use the interactive map, or select a region to zoom in closer.
  • Select a particular issue from the menu
  • Explore by personal stories, conservation partner organizations, news and events, or projects and legacies.
  • Start with a featured story on the home page that sounds interesting, and there you'll find other related, similar or nearby stories.

Who cares?

Environmental and conservation issues often are described through the lens of scientific data or the faceless mission statements of organizations and agencies. Too frequently, the human faces and personal stories are obscured by facts. This website is dedicated to telling those stories with various audiences in mind:

  • The conservation communities of Montana and the Yellowstone region so we may better know our colleagues across these vast landscapes.
  • Policy makers and elected officials so that they don't neglect the local human dimensions behind complex issues.
  • Citizens and private donors so that they may make more informed choices about the groups and projects suitable for their volunteer energy, charitable donations, and family memberships.
  • Community leaders and media so that they may better understand regional and statewide trends, best practices, and the importance of citizen leadership across Montana.

Contact Information

Gary J. Wolfe, Ph.D., Executive Director

The Cinnabar Foundation

- Montana's Conservation Fund

PO Box 7323

Missoula, MT 59807

(406) 240-7323



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